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Welcome to the HNSNA Proposal Submission site. To submit your proposal you'll need to:

  • indicate the format (Panel, Presentation/Workshop, or Cozy Chat) 
  • select  content track (Genre, Professional, Art/History, Craft) 
  • submit a proposal title plus 100-word and 400-word descriptions of the proposal;
  • assemble a 100-word author biography for each presenter on the proposal, photo(s) of the presenter(s), and up to 75 words about each presenter's qualifications; and
  • provide some additional details. 

You may wish to assemble these parts off-line and then load them up all at once. But since you can save your work, log out, and return to finish your proposal later, you can easily complete the form in stages. (Please note that once you hit the submit button content cannot be changed.)

There is no limit on the number of proposals an individual may submit but each proposal must be submitted on a new proposal form. However, to 1) avoid having people present in too many sessions and 2) offer a variety of presenters, the Program Committee won't accept proposals that would result in any one person being scheduled for more than two to three sessions.

Note that items with an asterisk on the form are required. If you want to use different fonts you'll need to use html. For instance, to make text appear in italics, you'll have to wrap the text in <i> tags. So <i>this text will be italicized</i>. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.